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How To Promote Corporate Wellbeing During Working From Home

Working from home (WFH) is here to stay. It’s been adopted by thousands of companies across Ireland and globally, millions of us are now working remotely. There are many benefits to WFH - from saving time and costs commuting, to giving employees greater flexibility in their personal and professional lives. At the same time, remote working can have downsides. Many workers struggle to keep a work-life balance, and lots of people experience feelings of isolation too.

With this in mind, the Precision Health team has written a helpful post that explores some of the ways you can support employees who are WFH. Read on to learn more about boosting employee wellbeing - and if you would like to get in touch, contact us via the details below.

Create Boundaries Between Work and Personal Time

When you’re working from home, it can seem like there is no clear physical break between work and personal time. There is no leaving the office and commuting home at the end of the day, and this can be unhealthy mentally and physically. Many workers who are WFH feel that they are continually in work mode, and this can add to existing stress levels.

One of the best things you can do to support corporate wellbeing is to encourage remote employees to establish a firm boundary between work and private time. This means switching off the laptop at the end of the day, turning emails off and having proper time to recharge. Employers need to check in with staff to make sure that they’re not struggling to switch off at home.

Have Regular One-to-Ones with Employees

Working relationships are all about providing support to each other, especially when individuals are in need. With remote working, it is imperative that you put in effort to create and maintain a strong relationship with all employees. If you don’t currently have one-to-ones with remote workers, then this is a great place to start.

Schedule in some catch-ups with your staff on a weekly basis. This will give you an opportunity to check in and see how your employees are doing - both mentally and physically. It’s vital that you pause and listen to what is being said; these types of chats help build trust, empower employees and help with identifying solutions to any problems.

Set an Example as Management

Management needs to set a good example to staff during WFH. It can be very easy to adapt to unhealthy and unproductive ways of working, particularly if you see this in other colleagues around you. It is crucial that management lead from the top, and set an example for all staff to follow. This might be demonstrated by taking proper lunch breaks and not being contactable over lunch. Both of these will send a message to employees that this is time to re-energise and recharge. Across your organisation, this will have a positive impact on mental health.

Premier Corporate Wellbeing Services

At Precision Health, our team of specialists provides leading corporate wellbeing services. We guide and advise a wide range of clients across many industries, specialising in all medical aspects of corporate health and wellbeing strategies. Our experienced team can develop the most optimal wellness strategy, pulling together unique data insights, medical knowledge and a leading partnership approach.

With more than six years of experience behind us overseeing large-scale medical screenings, occupational health, vaccine and health promotion programmes, you’ll be in the safest hands possible. To enquire about our workplace wellbeing programmes, please get in touch with us via the online contact form on our website, and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

You can also email us at or call us on +3531 910 4024 to speak with a member of our team. We’re here to answer any questions you have, provide you with more details about our corporate wellness services, and discuss your requirements in more depth.


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