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COVID-19 Testing

Individual COVID-19 PCR Test (Swab)

Results in 20 minutes

Corporate COVID-19 PCR Test (Swab)

Results next day

Corporate COVID-19 Antigen Test (Swab)

Results in 15 minutes

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seasonal influenza vaccination

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See how our COVID-19 support services are keeping companies safe and productive at home and onsite

Precision Health partner with leading companies, sports bodies, wellness partners and health insurer to deliver innovative and effective workplace health and wellbeing services.

Since 2014, Precision Health has successfully delivered wellness programmes, medical screening, occupational health services and health promotion seminars and workshops, to a diverse range of Irish companies. Founded by expert medical professionals and health educators, we strive to develop wellness programmes and strategies to improve the overall health of your employee population.

Combining medical expertise and innovative health technologies, we empower employees to better understand and take ownership of their personal health & wellbeing.

Contact Precision Health to discover more about our diverse range of health and wellbeing services available to Corporates.

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