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Corporate Wellness 
Precision Health

We partner with leading companies, sports bodies, wellness partners and health insurer to deliver innovative and effective workplace health and wellbeing services.

Since 2014, Precision Health has successfully delivered wellness programmes, medical screening, occupational health services and health promotion seminars and workshops, to a diverse range of Irish companies. Founded by expert medical professionals and health educators, we strive to develop wellness programmes and strategies to improve the overall health of your employee population.

Combining medical expertise and innovative health technologies, we empower employees to better understand and take ownership of their personal health & wellbeing.

“We Work Together with our partners to create thriving workplaces, by looking after the health and wellbeing of their employees”
How we can help.
Health Promotion

Engaging employees for onsite health initiatives is challenging in fast-paced busy work environments. We work together with onsite HR Teams, Occupational Health and Wellness Teams to ensure maximum impact, exposure and participation in onsite health programme and initiatives.  Our online booking system makes life easy, optimises sign up and participation, to ensure positive experiences and successful health and wellbeing outcomes.

Get in touch with Precision Health to discover more about designing effective health promotion programmes.

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Health Screening

Precision Health has successfully delivered over 25,000 health screens to employees of Global Operations and Irish SMEs.

Working with our partners, we develop custom screening experiences to suit the culture, demographic and health risk profile of any company population. For employees and employers, we deliver a market-leading, medically-led, health screening experience.

Our online signup systems, medical protocols and personalised health reports all ensure the smooth running of your employee health screening.


Our anonymised employer reports (from aggregated data) provide invaluable insights to inform future health and wellbeing projects and initiatives.

Our Health Screening programmes are expertly developed by our Medical Director.  Our nationwide panel of emergency-trained nurses are recruited, trained and managed by our Director of Nursing & Operations

Experts in delivering all the basic medical screenings, such as Blood Pressure testing Diabetes and Cholesterol testing, we also deliver custom screening programmes for Skin cancer, Cardiovascular and Vision Screening.


To discover more about our full range of health screening services and for expert medical advice on screening programmes, contact our Client Services Team today.


Health Screening Profiles

  • Cardiovascular risk (BP, Cholesterol, BMI, Smoking)

  • Diabetes risk profile (Glucose or HBA1c test, BMI)

  • Cardiac risk profile (12-Lead ECG, Family history, Clinical examination)

  • Skin cancer check (risk profile, dermoscopic mole exam)

  • STI (Sexually Transmitted Illness) testing

  • Vision Screening (VDU/Near/Far acuity, colour perception)

  • Ergonomic screening

  • Executive screen (full range of blood tests, physical examination, mole check)

  • Bespoke screening

Vaccination Programmes

Each year, employers of all industries and sizes avail of our nationwide flu vaccination programme to keep employees fit and well during winter months. Highly trained professional nurses, effective onsite promotion and online booking facilities, all guarantee high take-up rates and a positive employee experience.  In 2019, over 10,000 Irish employees were vaccinated against influenza by Precision Health.


Travel vaccinations are also made available to employees as part of or our health and well-being services.  Clients are advised to book vaccinations early to avoid disappointment.


For further information on our Flu or Travel vaccination programmes, please contact our Client Services team to find out more.

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