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Precision Health


As expert health educators, we deliver engaging workshops and webinars to improve health literacy and overall health of the workplace population.

Dr. Neil Reddy has an MSc in Clinical Education and years of experience delivering education to employees and health professionals alike.


Our sessions are informative and interactive for a positive employee experience. We work with HR and wellness teams to assist companies to deliver on their overall health & wellbeing objectives and strategy.

Our most popular sessions are outlined below, however get in touch with our team if you are planning your next health and wellbeing event, seminar, workshop or webinar and our team will be delighted to help.

Our webinars and workshops can play a vital role in engaging employees in health promotion programmes such as screening, weight management, exercise promotion and lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation.


Contact our Client Services Team today to book your health workshop, led by one of our experienced healthcare educators. 

Man walking through a glass door to a health screening meeting
adapting to the new world of work (covid-19)

Webinars & workshop to enable companies to plan a return to safe return to work from an occupational health perspective and for employees and managers to gain knowledge on how to minimise risk of exposure from COVID-19 in a workplace setting.

Couple hugging at the beach
sunsmart & skin cancer prevention.

Webinars & workshop to promote the concept of being SunSmart and reduce the risk of developing skin cancer, one of Ireland’s most common cancers.

Group of women wearing black having coffee
cancer prevention & care for women

Webinars & workshop exploring how female employees concerned with cancer prevention can make positive lifestyle and get regular health screenings to reduce risk of female cancers.

Man with white hair smiling in a forest
cancer prevention & care for men

Webinars & workshops exploring how male employees concerned with cancer prevention, can make positive lifestyle and get regular health screenings to reduce risk of male cancers.

Couple running safely after a occupational health workshop
importance of cardiovascular health 

This session promotes the importance of cardiovascular health and educates on all aspects of lowering the risk of of CAD (coronary artery disease) through managing lifestyle behaviours and risk factors.  

people stretching to improve their health
first aid safety for work and home (including paediatric)

This session offers employees valuable and practical education on how to deal with common medical emergencies both in work and at home. Covers CPR training, dealing with paediatric emergencies and to look for signs of major medical events such as stroke, heart attack and seizures.

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