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Construction Work

Drug & Alcohol

Improve your health and safety standards by detecting and managing those employees who may be under the influence of intoxicants at work.

Precision Health supports employers by providing a workplace drug and alcohol testing service that is:

Flexible: Our administrators will coordinate testing at a time and place that suits the work site, including out-of-hours and night shift testing. This ensures no cohort of employees is missed.

Defensible: Our occupational health team discuss the appropriate methods, frequency and format of the testing programme with your HR and Legal departments to ensure results stand up to challenge.


Professional: All of our testers are healthcare professionals with years of experience in health surveillance testing in a corporate environment. The testing is conducted strictly to agreed chain-of-custody protocols, even in adverse environments. This is vital to ensure results are legally defensible.


Compassionate: Being tested can be a stressful experience for some employees. Our tester put them at ease by explaining the test procedure and consent, and the supports available to them.

Available Tests

Urine Sample, with chain of custody. Detects drugs up to approximately 3 days before test date. The sample is screened by our tester on-site. If the screening does not yield a negative result, the sample is packaged securely according to chain-of-custody procedures and sent to our lab partner for analysis.

  • Alcohol

  • Cannabis

  • Amphetamine

  • Opiates

  • Benzodiazepine

  • Cocaine

Drug and alcohol screening test results
When should you consider drug and alcohol testing in your workplace?


Applicants for safety-critical roles with limited scope for on-the-job testing may be screened prior to starting to identify an increased risk of drug/alcohol use.


Random Testing:

Periodic, unannounced testing of employees engaged in safety-critical roles or in roles with a high incidence of safety incident (eg. working with machinery) helps to detect those at higher risk of being performance-impaired at work.


For-Cause Testing:

A drug & alcohol test may be indicated following a safety incident or near-miss at work.

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