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Occupational Health
Precision Health



Precision Health partners with leading companies, sports bodies, wellness partners and health insurers to deliver innovative and effective workplace health and wellbeing services.


Since 2014, Precision Health has successfully delivered occupational health services, wellness programmes, medical screening, and health promotion seminars and workshops, to a diverse range of Irish companies. Founded by expert medical professionals and health educators, we strive to develop wellness programmes and strategies to improve the overall health of your employee population.


Combining medical expertise and innovative health technologies, we empower employees to better understand and take ownership of their personal health & wellbeing.

“We Work Together with our partners to deliver innovative and effective workplace health and wellbeing services."
How we can help.
Occupational Health

As front-line medical experts and trusted providers of onsite healthcare, we partner with companies across leisure, sport, IT and healthcare industries, to provide a full range of onsite occupational healthcare services. Keep employees healthy and well and inspire trust and loyalty by providing your employees with the best care, when they are potentially at their most vulnerable. Our occupational health services are available as stand-alone services or combined to create a comprehensive custom end of end absence management programme from tracking and triaging absences, through to case management.

Doctor and Patient
Key Benefits

Optimal use of technology:

At Precision Health, we deploy innovative digital technologies to enhance the user experience. We encourage the use of remote consultations where possible, driving time efficiencies for both employers and employees. We have invested in a market-leading occupational health platform, which is user-friendly for both employers and employees. It is simple and easy to use for referral managers, with clear reporting of an employee’s progress right from the dashboard for maximum visibility and transparency. The platform also enables self-service for employees. Through the Precision Health platform, employees have the ability to manage their health reports and appointments directly from their GDPR-compliant dashboard. If required, communications can be pushed out by Precision Health on behalf of our clients.

We excel at personalised service delivery:

At Precision Health, we build business relationships that last. For almost 10 years we have partnered with one of Ireland's leading Health Insurers to deliver over 50,000 health screenings, thousands of flu vaccines annually and hundreds of health educational and health promotion seminars to HR and Wellness teams across Ireland.

Extensive range of complementary workplace wellbeing services:

With extensive experience across a range of workplace wellbeing solutions, the evolution of our occupational services proposition enables us to offer a full end-to-end workplace health solution to our clients. Our business has expanded in recent years to meet the increased demand for this end-to-end workplace well-being solution. Our comprehensive range of health and wellbeing services is based on our preventative approach to keeping people healthy and well at work.

occupational health

Precision Health uses the cloud-based platform We are the first provider in Ireland to use the platform for our occupational health clients having realised in 2018 that a robust occupational health portal was essential for our hybrid model. 

Meddbase is a GDPR-compliant SaaS platform to manage referrals, messaging, consultations, reports, and recall all in one place. This simplifies the referral process and provides a secure audit trail of activity.

See for full details of security features and GDPR compliance.

A properly-authenticated manager can use their own secure dashboard to create and refer employees from their own department and to view the progress of the referral from appointment booking, to consultation, to report delivery via a simple traffic-light system.

Super-users can be created to add and manage the access rights of other referral managers. Full training on MEDDBASE will be made available to relevant personnel within your company on commencement of occupational health services from Precision Health. 

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