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4 Reasons Why Men Should Have a Health Screening

Having a health screening can have a number of benefits. Many of us tend to only seek medical attention when we’re ill, but at this point, our health has already been affected. Health screening is a type of service that can lead to early detection and prevention of diseases. It improves the prognosis of illnesses and brings down any risks.

In this post, the team at Precision Health explores four major reasons why every man should have a regular health screening. To learn more, read our blog below and if you would like to get in touch - please contact us via the details below.

Helps with Early Detection

One of the main reasons why all men should have a health screening is early detection. Health screenings - whether it’s a screening for cardiovascular risk or diabetes risk profile - can help identify health problems at a much earlier opportunity. This can save lives; it is far better to detect an illness or disease early, rather than much later on. Early detection leads to better management and treatment of all conditions, and reduces the risk of complications.

Encourages Lifestyle Improvements

What’s more, having a health screening can be highly beneficial as it can promote a more healthy lifestyle. If early detection of a condition is made, this can persuade and encourage the patient to implement positive lifestyle changes in their daily life. This can have a knock-on effect, making a wider positive impact on the individual’s general health. For instance, screening might lead to changes in diet such as adopting a more nutritious dietary plan, or following a more regular exercise regime.

Can Have Mental Health Benefits

Worrying about potential health issues can have a negative impact on an individual’s mental health. It can worsen mental health, and lead a person to experience more anxiety. However, having a routine and regular screening can put the mind at ease. It can make you more relaxed and give you peace of mind. So, there are definitely mental wellbeing benefits of having a health check.

Highlights Genetic Risk Factors

Alongside this, health screening can identify genetic health risks, which is not always possible during short visits to the GP. When you are screened, it will be able to determine whether you are at risk of having an inherited condition, which may appear later in life. Once you know your risks of specific hereditary diseases, you might be able to put lifestyle changes in place to lessen the risk.

Custom Men's Health Screening in Dublin

Ultimately, there are so many reasons why men should have regular screening; health is a priority and screening will decrease the risk of many diseases. Here at Precision Health, we provide men’s health screenings in Dublin. Our team has successfully delivered more than 25,000 health screenings to employees of Global Operations and Irish SMEs. We can work with companies to create personalised screening experiences - designed to suit the culture, demographic and health risk profile of any organisation.

The Health Screening profiles that we provide include; cardiovascular risk, diabetes risk profile, cardiac risk profile, skin cancer check, STI, vision screening, ergonomic screening, executive screen, and bespoke screening. All of our health screening programmes are specially developed by our medical director, and we have a nationwide panel of emergency trained nurses.

To learn more about our health screening services for men in Dublin, please get in touch with the team at Precision Health. You can contact us by phone on +3531 910 4024, or email us at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


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