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Exploring the Different Profiles that Can Be Included in Corporate Health Screening

Updated: May 3, 2022

Corporate health screening is the optimum way to ensure that your workforce is healthy. It involves checking your employees’ general health in multiple areas such as cardiovascular, diabetes and cardiac. Regular checking identifies health problems that may exist and otherwise would not have been found. Therefore, it can protect your workforce and ensure that they receive early treatment and as such, better outcomes.

At Precision Health, our corporate health screening has many profiles and in this post, we go into further detail about these. Read below to learn more, or if you’d like to contact us - please email us at

The Health Profiles that We Examine

Corporate health screening can be overseen in a myriad of areas, covering all aspects of health. The cardiovascular risk profile looks at blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI and smoking. Our medical professionals can also look at a Diabetes risk profile, cardiac risk profile, skin cancer check, STI testing, vision screening and ergonomic screening. We have a team of emergency trained nurses that are recruited, trained and managed by a Director of Nursing and Operations.

You will have a first-class experience when you use our health screening services. In addition to this, as part of our corporate health screening, we also run executive screening. This involves a complete range of blood tests, physical examination and mole checks. What’s more, we can additionally oversee bespoke screening, according to your personal needs and requirements.

Searching for Corporate Health Screening Companies?

If you’re looking for corporate health screening companies who can assist your organisation or business with its health screening needs, then Precision Health is the number one choice. We have a long track record in health screening, having successfully provided a service to more than 25,000 employees at Global Operations and Irish SMEs.

We work in conjunction with partners to deliver tailored screening experiences that reflect the organisation’s specific culture and demographic. As well as this, our health screening suits the individual health risk profile of a company population. Whatever sector you’re based in - whether it’s finance, IT or Ecommerce - we can adapt our health screening to match your needs.

Whenever you work with Precision Health, you will enjoy a smooth and seamless experience from beginning to end. Our specialists will make sure that your employee health screening runs efficiently and enables your organisation to operate productively at all times. We will also use our anonymised data to help direct our future health and wellbeing projects and initiatives.

Email Precision Health today to Find out More

To discuss our corporate health screening in more depth with our dedicated medical team, please contact us today by email at We will get back to you as soon as possible. Any questions or queries will be answered, and our team will give you all the additional information you require.

Go to the Precision Health website if you would like to explore all of our corporate services including wellness advisory, occupational health, health screening and vaccination programmes.

Our team can provide businesses with occupational health services for clients in a wide range of industries such as leisure, sport, IT and healthcare. We can ensure that your workforce is always healthy and happy, so that they’re able to operate at their best during the working week.

In addition, we also provide wellness advisory services for clients in all sectors. We can provide tailored guidance and expertise on corporate health and wellbeing programmes. Our team makes use of medical knowledge, data insights and a partnership approach to support clients with a personalised wellness strategy.


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