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Frequently Asked Questions About Employee Health Screening

Improving corporate health is a key component of any successful organisation. It involves creating an environment where employees feel safe, valued and engaged so that they can work efficiently and productively. This can be achieved through various methods such as providing corporate workshops and investing in ergonomics, and improving corporate health can create a positive work environment that benefits both a company and its employees.

It’s very common for organisations to introduce employee health screening when they’re trying to improve health and well-being in the workplace too, and this can be very effective. If you’ve heard of employee health screening before but you’re not really sure what it entails, below we have answered some of the questions we’re frequently asked about screening.

What is Employee Health Screening?

Employee health screening is a process used by organisations of all sizes to assess the overall health of their employees. It typically includes physical examinations and blood tests, but there are a range of other assessments that can also be undertaken to check for any potential health concerns in a company population.

Often, the main goal of employee health screening is to identify any health risks that could impact an employee’s performance at work or their overall well-being. Results are often used to improve future health and well-being projects and initiatives too.

What Tests are Included in Employee Health Screening?

Employee health screening can include a wide variety of tests, depending on the employer’s needs. Custom screening experiences are typically created to suit the culture, demographic and risk profile of employees working for a company. However, some common tests include;

  • Diabetes Risk Profile

  • Cardiovascular Risk Profile

  • Cardiac Risk Profile

  • Vision Screening

  • STI Testing

  • Skin Cancer Check

Comprehensive executive screening and bespoke screening are also available if required.

Who Should Undergo Employee Health Screening?

Companies typically require employees who have certain positions to undergo health screening, for example, employees working in high-risk job roles. However, any employee can benefit from health screening as it can help to identify any potential health concerns that could impact their performance or well-being moving forward.

Is Employee Health Screening Compulsory?

Not all companies will use health screening services or conduct regular employee health checks. However, there are several benefits associated with improving occupational health and it’s becoming more common for companies to introduce full health screening.

When they use health screening services, some companies will make screening voluntary and others will decide to make it compulsory. This depends on the company’s policies and you should consider which of these options would be best suited to your organisation.

What are the Benefits of Employee Health Screening?

One of the biggest benefits of employee health screening is that it can help companies to ensure their employees are healthy and able to perform their job roles to the best of their ability. Additionally, it can help to identify any potential executive health concerns that could lead to increased sickness and absenteeism or other issues. Not to mention, it can help employers to create a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, improving employee satisfaction.

Are Employee Health Screening Results Confidential?

No matter what tests are included in employee health screening, the results will always be kept confidential. The information gathered during the screening is anonymised and turned into reports that can be used to assess overall company health. Ultimately, these results are used to gain a better insight into the health and well-being of employees.

Arranging Full Health Screening in Ireland

Now you know a little bit more about employee health screening, if you’d like to speak to our team at Precision Health about introducing health assessments into your operations, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We provide full health screening in Ireland and we have partnered with leading companies to help improve the health and well-being of their employees.

Over the years, we have successfully delivered over 25,000 health screens to employees of both global operations and Irish SMEs, and we will work closely with you to create a bespoke screening programme that meets all of your needs. Our employee health screening services are designed to address the health risk profile of any company population and we offer a range of different health screening profiles. We will happily discuss the culture and demographic of your organisation with you in more detail, so get in touch with our experts.


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