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Reasons to Choose Our Drug and Alcohol Testing Service

Drug and alcohol testing is an essential service for any company in Ireland looking to improve their overall health and safety standards. It helps companies to detect and manage employees who are under the influence of intoxicants in the workplace. At Precision Health, we support employers by offering a workplace drug and alcohol testing service for companies of all sizes.

Below, we’ve written a post that lists four reasons why you should choose our drug and alcohol testing service. Read on to learn more, and if you’d like to contact us - please reach out via the details below.

Flexible Service Tailored to your Company’s Schedule

First of all, a major reason to choose our drug and alcohol testing is that we provide a personalised service that is organised around your company’s schedule. Our team of administrators will arrange for testing at a time and location that suits your work site; this is to guarantee that all employees are tested. We can offer both out-of-hours testing and night shift testing, to cover the entire workforce. Our professionals will make sure that no employee is missed in the testing process.

Defensible Service that can Stand up to Challenges

What’s more, our service is designed to be able to deal with any challenges that may arise. We will work closely with your company’s HR and Legal departments to ensure that the optimal methods, frequency and format of testing are chosen. It is our aim that your company is protected, and your results are defensible should a challenge be made against you. Ultimately, we have your business's best interests in focus.

Professional and Experienced Testing to the Highest Standards

When you come to Precision Health for alcohol and drug testing, you can be confident that you will be working with a trustworthy team of professionals. All of our healthcare professionals have years of experience in health surveillance testing in corporate environments of all sizes. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that any testing will be conducted to an impeccable standard, and in line with all protocols. We will ensure that all testing results are legally defensible, keeping your organisation protected.

Compassionate and Supportive Service

Finally, we make sure that our testing is done in a compassionate manner. Being tested for drugs or alcohol at work can be an anxiety-inducing experience. Some employees can find it particularly stressful, so we’ll ensure that our testers put your workforce at ease throughout. Our team will walk your workers through the test procedure and consent, and provide them with additional support if needed. We will make sure that every individual being tested is relaxed at all times.

Require Drug and Alcohol Testing at Work?

Here at Precision Health, we provide first-class workplace drug and alcohol testing for companies based in Ireland. Our tests involve a urine sample, with a chain of custody. This test will detect drugs up to around three days before the test date, and the sample will be screened by one of our experienced testers on-site.

Should the screening result not be negative, then we will send it securely packaged to a laboratory for further analysis. This could mean analysis for the presence of drugs such as alcohol, cannabis, amphetamine, opiates, benzodiazepine and cocaine.

Whether you require pre-employment testing, random testing or for-cause testing, Precision Health is the service to come to in Ireland. If you would like to get in touch regarding drug and alcohol testing in Ireland, then please do not hesitate to contact the team at Precision Health today.

You can drop us a message via our website’s online form, and we’ll be in touch with you as quickly as possible. Alternatively, feel free to email us at or call us on +3531 910 4024. Head to the Precision Health website today to view more about all of our corporate health services.


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