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Individual COVID-19 PCR Test (Swab)
Corporate COVID-19 PCR Test (Swab)
Next-Day Results.
Corporate ANTIGEN Test 
Results in 15 minutes.
Individual COVID-19 PCR Test (Swab)

The testing service is by appointment only through our Dublin 15 clinic.


Call our administration team on +35319104024 to book. Tests are carried out between 8am and 12pm with appropriate COVID precautions in place. Results are available on the next working day.

Workplace COVID-19 PCR/Antigen Test

We can arrange an on-site testing clinic at your location. Appointments can be booked by your managers/supervisors, or directly by your employees. Session times are flexible but morning is preferable for the PCR test to ensure next working day results.

Antigen testing takes a sample from the nose only and results are available within 15 minutes.


Call +35319104024 or use our live chat to find out more. Our clients include multinational pharmaceutical companies, hospitality businesses and health facilities.

Tests are processed by our INAB-accredited lab partner in Dublin. All results are reviewed by our clinical team and communicated to customers via text, email, or phone, as appropriate.
Test Results


Results are generally available within 1 working day of being received in the laboratory.


You will receive an SMS with your result and an email with a link to download the PDF from your secure portal.


If you have any difficulty, you may call our support team on +35319104024.


This means you have Coronavirus/COVID-19.

You will receive a phone call directly from Precision Healthcare if your test is found to be positive. 

Your result will automatically be sent to the Public Health contact tracing team of the HSE. They will contact you to begin the process of contacting and testing your close contacts. You must continue to isolate in accordance with Public Health guidelines for Positive Tests.


This means that COVID-19 virus has not been found in your sample. A not-detected result does not mean that you never had COVID-19. It just means that the virus was not found in this sample.


It’s possible that you had the virus, but that:
•    your immune system cleared it by the time you were tested
•    there was no virus present in the sample taken


If you have symptoms, you must continue to self-isolate until you are symptom-free for 48 hours, following Public Health guidelines for Not-Detected Tests.

Indeterminate Result

You will need a repeat test, which will be arranged by our support team.