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Employee Wellbeing Trends in 2022

Employee wellbeing refers to the physical and mental health of your workforce; essentially, it’s about how your employee’s job is affecting their overall health and happiness. In recent years, there has been a greater focus on employee wellbeing, with increasing recognition of the importance of employee satisfaction and happiness for a company’s productivity, efficiency and profitability.

In this post, the Precision Health team takes a look at some of the biggest trends in employee wellbeing in 2022. Read on to learn more, and if you’d like to find out about our dedicated employee wellbeing services - then please contact our team today via the details below.

Mental Health Benefits for Employees

Mental health is at the top of the agenda for employers in 2022. More and more companies are deciding to invest in mental health benefits and services for their workforce, as they’re noticing the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on workers’ mental health over the past couple of years.

Some of the most popular trends in mental health benefits include giving employees access to a 24/7 confidential helpline and free sessions with a certified therapist, and creating a mental health coaching programme. Both of these benefits will help equip your employees with tools and techniques to better manage their mental health, and reduce the stigma around mental health too.

Personalised Wellness Benefits

Another trend in employee wellbeing is the focus on personalised wellness. Common examples include personal health coaching, on-demand fitness classes for staff, and subscription to self-care subscription services. With more and more employees working remotely, companies are choosing benefits which can be taken advantage of at home and outside of the workplace.

Ultimately, it’s about flexibility and adapting your wellness strategy to suit the various ways that your employees are working. Personalised wellness could be anything from access to specific wellbeing apps to entire platforms for health and wellbeing.

Preventative Benefits

Lastly, a huge proportion of companies are turning to preventative benefits as part of their wellbeing programmes. This means rather than providing wellness benefits later on, corporations should be concentrating on prevention so that physical and mental health issues don’t arise in the first place.

Examples of preventative measures that businesses are adopting include company-wide workshops on healthy eating and lifestyle, regular health check ups, counselling services and adaptive workplace design. Each of these measures will help reduce the amount of stress that workers are under, and improve the overall productivity and efficiency of your workforce.

Searching for Employee Wellbeing Companies?

Here at Precision Health, we are leaders in employee wellbeing, providing first-class health and wellbeing services to companies in a wide range of sectors and industries in Ireland. Our team can provide leading medical expertise and innovative health technologies, to improve understanding of employee wellbeing within your organisation. No matter the size or scale of your company, we can help you to develop an optimal wellness strategy that gets the best results and outcomes for you and your employees. With many years of experience behind us, your company wellness will be in the safest hands around.

If you would like to learn more about our services as one of the premier employee wellbeing companies in Ireland, then please do not hesitate to contact us today on +3531 910 4024 or email us at You can also drop us a message via the online form on our website, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. Our team is always on hand to answer any questions you have, discuss your employee wellbeing requirements in more depth and provide you with further information.


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