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How Our Private COVID Testing Can Be Used By Businesses and Individuals

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, testing remains as crucial as ever. Whether you’re an employer looking to bring your employees back to the workplace, or an individual going abroad for a holiday, COVID-19 testing can ensure that your health and safety is maintained, and the Coronavirus doesn’t continue to spread.

At Precision Health, we can provide private COVID testing for both companies and individuals based in Ireland. Our professional team can conduct mass testing according to any specific needs and requirements.

To learn more about how Precision Health can support you with private COVID testing, read the following post below.

Testing for Businesses

As COVID-19 restrictions and rules begin to change, more and more businesses are considering returning to the office - at least on a hybrid basis, a few times a week. With staff now starting to mix amongst each other again, it’s vital that sufficient testing is carried out. Should you be an employer planning to get your workers back in the workplace soon, then Precision Health can provide you with on-site private COVID testing - giving you peace of mind.

We can support your business by testing all staff, preventing an outbreak of COVID in your work environment. Whether you’ve already had a Coronavirus case in your workforce, or you want to take preventative measures to stop this from happening in the first place, Precision Health can deliver testing as and when required, suiting your needs.

Our private COVID testing system is incredibly smooth and straightforward. An employee will book a testing appointment using our online booking platform. Then, we’ll oversee the test - either an antigen or PCR - at one of our dedicated sites. Following this, we’ll send the employee their results individually by email or text.

Testing for Individuals

Have you booked your next trip abroad, and want to be fully COVID-19 tested beforehand? If this is the case, then Precision Health can guarantee you’re tested, prior to your holiday. When you come to one of our private COVID testing locations, our staff will carry out a rapid antigen or PCR test to determine your current status.

Once you’ve received a negative test result, we will provide you with a travel certificate that you can show to the relevant officials whilst you’re on your travels. Then you’ll have the green light to go abroad, and enjoy your next trip.

In addition to this, you can also get a private personal COVID test with Precision Health if you are planning to attend a special event or occasion such as a music festival, theatre show or sporting event. Having a COVID test will reassure you that you’re safe and are not only protecting yourself, but protecting others around you too.

Require Private COVID Testing in Ireland?

Precision Health is the leading choice for COVID testing for individuals and organisations. We can support clients to be safe at all times, and minimise the transmission of the Coronavirus on-site and abroad. No matter if you’re a large-scale employer with hundreds of employees that need testing, or a solo traveller, contact Precision Health to book your private test today.

You can email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our team can answer any questions you have, and walk you through our extensive COVID-19 support services in more depth.

Meanwhile, visit the Precision Health website to learn more about all of our services - from corporate health and wellbeing, to medical training and education.


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