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Sisk Health Screening

Take control of your health today with simple effective health checks - Information for Ireland employees

Precision health are delighted to offer this health screening programme in collaboration with Sisk. Participants will have a comprehensive health assessment of common and preventable medical conditions, including:

  • Cardiovascular (heart) Disease

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer Risk 

  • Metabolic conditions (thyroid, liver, bone, anaemia)

Book An Appointment

The appointments will be held on-site, at the various Sisk locations around Ireland. You can sign up online and choose an appointment date and time to suit you. The appointment lasts approximately 20 minutes.



Your password-protected report will be sent via email within 2 weeks of the screening appointment.

What is included in the health screening package?
executive health check.jpeg

Choose a date and location from the list below. You do not need to choose your own Sisk site but please check site restrictions and access limitations before you book your appointment at another site.


If you have any difficulty with the booking process, please contact our support team.

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