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How Corporate Health Screening Can Support Improved Business Performance

Corporate health screening should be an essential part of your well-being activities. It is most effective when it is proactive. It is about enabling people to feel safe; to feel engaged and to feel a valued member of the workforce thus improving work efficiency and business productivity and creating and maintaining a thriving workplace.

It does this by enabling your staff with both knowledge and power. Knowledge about their own health and the power to step up to make a change. Knowledge on their health and giving individuals a health picture and the power to take that step to make a change. Corporate health screening has many different aspects to it. It fundamentally is about engagement, awareness, productivity and performance.

Below, we explore why it is crucial for you to include corporate health screening and to offer this as part of your wellbeing programme;

  • Improved Engagement

Feeling valued, being listened to and feeling safe is crucial for employees to thrive in the workforce. Offering corporate health screening identifies key health trends and most definitions of an engaged workforce describe employees who are healthier, happier, more fulfilled or more motivated. A healthy, valued and supported workforce results in improved happiness, improved engagement, reduced attrition and improved productivity.

  • Promote Health Awareness

Taking a proactive approach to health screening results in better decision making. Health screening can detect early symptoms; even before you have any symptoms. It can guide you; inform you; give you power and knowledge and tools to help. This provides peace of mind, focus and a sense of the importance that individual well-being has to a business that thrives.

  • Boost Productivity

When people become more aware of their health; their lifestyles and potentially areas in which they could improve and or change; they are equipped with the opportunity to make a difference and be in control of their own well-being. This balance of knowledge and power leads to greater engagement. In essence, a healthier workforce equals a more productive, motivated and thriving workforce.

  • Reduce Absenteeism

Health screening identifies health trends within the workforce population. We collate data from the screenings and use the data and insights to identify absenteeism trends and inform future wellbeing strategies. Screening means being proactive. It empowers employees to have the knowledge to make positive choices about their health. We can become equipped with insights, with knowledge, with tools and with a health pathway; all to lower the risk of preventable illnesses.

If employers can identify a serious health problem early, it can be prevented or helped sooner, reducing the time needed off work and delivering a greater sense of belonging and loyalty to boost performance and productivity.

What do Screening Programmes Include?

We offer a full range spanning from wellness, medical screening, occupational health services and health promotion seminars and workshops. The focus and our aim is to improve the overall health of your employees. We want to equip individuals with a resilient mindset, an understanding of their health; improve their knowledge; offering a clear pathway and the power to make changes.

We personalise the screening programmes to your organisation as a whole and also to the individual staff members making our programme robust and dedicated to your demographic. Health screening at work is a key component to any successful organisation and is becoming included within organisations wellbeing strategies which supports employee engagement and improved business performance.

We will work closely with you on the creation of a wellbeing strategy; tailored and suited to your demographic. Our approach to supporting you on the creation of a strategy is based on partnership, strong medical knowledge and powerful data insights. Employee health screening

completes customisability. It is all about your personal health profile and what you can do to improve your health and wellbeing.

Below is a snapshot of what our screening profiles include;

  • Cardiovascular risk (BP, Cholesterol, BMI, Smoking)

  • Diabetes risk profile (Glucose or HBA1c test, BMI)

  • Cardiac risk profile (12-Lead ECG, Family history, Clinical examination)

  • Skin cancer check (risk profile, dermoscopic mole exam)

  • STI (Sexually Transmitted Illness) testing

  • Vision Screening (VDU/Near/Far acuity, colour perception)

  • Ergonomic screening

  • Executive screen (full range of blood tests, physical examination, mole check)

  • Bespoke screening

Employee occupational health is about providing care when people are at their most susceptible. It is always on site; face to face care and our aim is to keep employees healthy and well, inspiring trust and loyalty by providing the best care. There are a number of corporate wellbeing workshops that can be used including educational and appealing workshops and seminars; all with the goal of enabling staff and organisations with knowledge and power. We want to personalise this journey and make it as interactive and positive.

How Can We Support You?

Here at Precision Health, we offer an extensive corporate health screening experience and we partner with wellness partners, sports bodies and leading companies as well as health insurers to deliver innovative and effective workplace health and wellbeing services. Our ethos is ‘working well together’ with you.

We combine medical expertise and innovative health technologies empowering you as an organisation and your staff members to understand; to build a pathway and to own their personal health and wellbeing. We can help you build trust; build the knowledge and future pathways for your organisation as a whole, and your staff.

To find out more about our corporate health screening and ways to get in touch please call us on +3531 910 4024 or head over to our website for more information.


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